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The ecological value of the Tallebudgera Valley includes sclerophyll woodland offering greater habitat value to native fauna including Koalas if intact.


NiCA undertakes projects supporting conservation and regeneration of biocultural diversity in our forests. To learn more click on the images.

Understories - Landcare led Bushfire Recovery Project

In 2021 the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery funds granted by the federal government and managed jointly by Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network, gave NiCA the opportunity to initiate community conversations with landholders, residents, and other stakeholders.


Understories is about connecting the stories of our natural ecological region with the human stories. Through mapping and storytelling, we aspired to build a stronger local community, continue the narrative of our local history and build the collective local knowledge bank of the local environment.


NiCA riparians: - restoration of our significant water ways to protect, and benefit threatened flora and fauna species 

The ‘NiCA riparians’ project aims to encourage collective community action to improve and restore heavily degraded riparian zones along Petsch Creek. Improved health of the riparian zones are essential to support some of the critically endangered and vulnerable species such as the Fleay's barred frog, Cascade tree frog and two of Australia’s most iconic animals — the Koala and the Platypus.



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